The ReVenture Companies

ReVenture consists of three separate businesses, all of which bring a different aspect of renewables to the table. ReVenture Services provides LED retrofits and solar project management for small and large businesses, as well as municipalities and educational facilities. ReVenture Consulting provides renewable energy consulting by experienced LEED certified individuals with numerous commercial projects in their portfolios. ReVenture Investments strives to identify and invest in the latest breakthroughs in residential green technology, and take the very best of those products and implement them into affordable Net Zero housing.

Since its inception in 2013, ReVenture founders Joshua May and Kelly Petre have been working tirelessly forging new relationships, building a strong network of clients and partners, and bringing substantial savings to the businesses in their portfolio. ReVenture has worked out a global sustainability practice to support their clients in developing robust, long term strategies and assist them in leveraging competitive advantages from their sustainability efforts.



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