ReVenture in Energy

My name is Joshua May. I am the President and CEO of  ReVenture Consulting. I am embarking on an adventure with a cast of new friends, partners and mentors, in the field of renewable energy. We are going to share fresh opportunities, stark challenges, and break new ground by revolutionizing the way businesses, cities, towns and the citizens that work and live there view our environment, our new economy and the ever-changing world of energy.

ReVenture consists of three businesses. ReVenture Services provides LED retrofits and Solar/Wind project management. ReVenture Consulting provides renewable energy/sustainability consulting by LEED certified individuals who have managed and consulted on numerous commercial projects. ReVenture Investments is launching in the third quarter of 2014 and will invest in new green building technologies. We will then invest in, project manage and build affordable NetZero residential projects using the very best of the proven technologies that we have identified and developed through our portfolio.

Stay tuned as we approach our official launch in March 2014!


Exploring The New Possible