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The Checkered Flag!

The on again off again nature of the last year brought periods of great excitement and promise coupled with dark days and frustrations. ReVenture was born out of a spirit to go for and achieve great things both in growing the renewable energy economy and expanding sustainability awareness while combating Climate Change. There have been many people that have said to us that we were trying to do too much out of the gate and that we should look to smaller projects and more modest growth. While ReVenture Services has worked to build a customer base with many medium sized companies for LED retrofits, The ReVenture companies, as a whole, have kept their eyes on the major projects that have been in the works for Springfield and Western, Massachusetts for almost two years now. The idea being that these problems that we are all facing, both Globally and on a local level, need to be taken on and resolved boldly. We felt, and still do, that it will be the bold companies that are willing to push the envelope that will play the greatest roles in bringing about the change that must happen for future generations to enjoy the environment we all have today.

This coming Thursday we will be part of a series of announcements at a press conference in Springfield, MA with Mayor Domenic Sarno laying the foundation for an aggressive sustainability plan for the City. ReVenture will have a significant role in this plan. ReVenture Services will be working on LED projects with the City, the Basketball Hall of Fame and many others that we will be able to announce in our first major press release on August 25th. ReVenture Consulting will be entering into a relationship with MGM Springfield and a number of other corporate clients and will work tirelessly to help them achieve top LEED standards for commercial buildings throughout the city. And last but certainly not least, ReVenture Investments will begin planning,  procurement of funding and designing the Affordable NetZero homes and residential clusters that we look to build throughout the neighborhoods ravaged by the 2011 tornado.

These are ambitious goals for a young company, but the people, partnerships, corporate allies and resources that we have gained and gathered over the last few years allow us this opportunity. I want to thank everyone who has supported, stuck by and believed in ReVenture and myself over these last few years. Now we plan on repaying you for that belief. See you all on Thursday.

Joshua May



Minor Eclipse…..

This past Friday we learned that our entire Renewable Energy & Sustainability department was being cut from our largest client’s business plan. An entire year of planning, sacrifice, thousands of hours of work, forged partnerships and contracted business arrangements totaling in the millions, gone in an afternoon.

Now most of you that read our pages and blogs are either entrepreneurs or have an entrepreneurial streak and so I am sharing this with you. Friday and even into Saturday I sat around with the wind knocked out of me and even allowed some self wallowing to occur. Then something changed. Emails, texts and phone calls started coming in with words of encouragement and opportunity. Public officials who we have been working with, on the phone asking us to keep ReVenture in Springfield, partners wanting to work with us on our next project, and new potential partners and clients reaching out. Suddenly it seems there may be a better fit for us and one where we are able to have an even greater opportunity to grow and shape projects in the way we determine to be the most beneficial.

The bottom line is this. I have ultimately failed at each and every business venture that I have launched. From Schooljam to the Captain Dexter Houses on the Vineyard to Citizenre and the other minor projects in between. In the end, our risk, our effort and our sacrifice was not rewarded. But with each of those failures came lessons learned, new friendships and future partnerships formed. Be sure to conduct yourself and your business with integrity while always showing an ability to adapt and learn, and people will want to help you reach the heights that you continuously strive for.

Sitting here on Monday morning ReVenture looks better off and heading in a healthier direction than when the sudden bad news came down on Friday. ReVenture Services has a litany of new clients and partners for LED and Solar projects, ReVenture Consulting is adding partners and is being sought out for services by clients before it is even fully operational, and ReVenture Investments has new friends, Investors and eager partners for it’s mission to build NetZero affordable housing in New England and eventually across the country.

Be persistent, believe in yourself and don’t ever let the voices telling you that you can’t do it force you to let go of your dream. You and your dreams are too important to the world and the future to allow them to die on the vine of negativity! My rant is over and if you read this all the way to the end, have a GREAT day and go work on your passion!!


Its Go Time!

The constant growth and change within the renewable energy and sustainability industry is understandably dizzying due to the rate of R&D expenditures and advances that are taking place across the field. As I sit here about to begin the MIT program, the number of changes made to the courses and content in just the last three months is simply amazing. I am now about to embark on one of the most hectic and difficult professional and educational periods of my life. One that will include a seemingly endless path of pre-certification project experience requirements, study sources and guides, practice exams and then finally, the actual testing and certification process. All the while we will be working to significantly reduce NAI/Plotkin’s energy use and costs, complete projects with the City of Springfield, and launch ReVenture Investments. It is certainly looking like the continuation of the single life for me! There will be much more to share about my precertification process this month and the MIT course as well, as I delve even deeper into the chaos!

In the meantime, next week is very big from a publicity perspective. Tuesday night is my talk in front of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, Wednesday we submit our piece to the Springfield Republican, and the following Monday we send out the press releases for ReVenture Services and Reventure Consulting!

Since I like to find the silver lining in any situation, I will try this on for motivation. When all is said and done a year and a half from now this is how my name will read on my business card:


Headache inducing, right??

You will all be happy to know that next week we will begin submitting a weekly review post on the latest technologies in the areas of Sustainability, Green tech and Green building. It has been suggested to me that adding informative quality content rather than just talking about the Joshua May and ReVenture show, just might increase the blog following! The nerve of some people!!!

Massachusetts Gaming Commission

A project that is immensely important to our plans for ReVenture in Western Massachusetts is the MGM Springfield Resort and Casino. ReVenture and MGM/Springfield are in talks to partner and build NetZero affordable housing clusters throughout the swath of the city that was affected by the 2011 tornado.

As a part of the process mandated by the state legislature for the location selection of the three casinos, public hearings where scheduled for communities surrounding the projects, as well as for each host community. Mayor Sarno has reached out and asked that I speak at the Springfield host community meeting on April 1st to discuss the positives of the project. This is through the eyes of a business owner recently moved to Springfield because of the new opportunities presented by this and other projects. With that in mind, I attended the West Springfield meeting this past Monday with the objective of coming up to speed on how the arguments against the casino idea had evolved, and what issues were being worked out, in good faith, by the affected communities and the representatives of MGM.


The meeting was surprisingly subdued with far more people speaking in favor of the project or speaking to legitimate concerns within the community, than those who spoke out in opposition to the idea of the casino itself. The public officials and residents of West Springfield came armed with facts and sound arguments on a myriad of issues that need to be looked at and resolved before this project moves forward. From serious transportation concerns on an already well-traveled Route 5, to the dangers to pedestrians on the Memorial Bridge and rotary, they were heard and had a visual impact on the commission.

The evening certainly served to sharpen the thoughts and arguments that I was already working on for my speech on April 1st. Yes! April 1st! I am an entrepreneur in a new home town arguing the merits of an $800 million dollar resort-casino on April fool’s day. What could possibly go wrong?

Stay tuned……

Reset… reboot…

It has been many months since my last update. There have been many twists and turns along the way, and the landscape now is vastly different than when I posted last. While we still have the same plans, goals and dreams; I will be moving forward with a new company (NAI) instead of Colliers, as the merger broke down in its final stages. This ultimately will be a positive thing for what I am hoping to do in the city of Springfield. The delay is the biggest headache for me, personally and professionally.

Things are about to start happening at breakneck speed. Over the next few weeks, I will introduce you to all the facets of my new business partnership and explain, as best I can, how I arrived here. For right now, I am looking forward to jumping head first into this new role. It can’t come soon enough!

ReVenture in Energy

My name is Joshua May. I am the President and CEO of  ReVenture Consulting. I am embarking on an adventure with a cast of new friends, partners and mentors, in the field of renewable energy. We are going to share fresh opportunities, stark challenges, and break new ground by revolutionizing the way businesses, cities, towns and the citizens that work and live there view our environment, our new economy and the ever-changing world of energy.

ReVenture consists of three businesses. ReVenture Services provides LED retrofits and Solar/Wind project management. ReVenture Consulting provides renewable energy/sustainability consulting by LEED certified individuals who have managed and consulted on numerous commercial projects. ReVenture Investments is launching in the third quarter of 2014 and will invest in new green building technologies. We will then invest in, project manage and build affordable NetZero residential projects using the very best of the proven technologies that we have identified and developed through our portfolio.

Stay tuned as we approach our official launch in March 2014!