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The “Nature is Speaking” Campaign

In 2015 we venture into the most important year for the Earth’s Climate and the ability for humanity to thrive on this planet in the future. Throughout the year there are Government, NGO, Corporate and Activist meetings and events leading up to COP21 in Paris December 2015. There the international treaty to save what has been handed to us as stewards will be formed or very likely our opportunity to save us from ourselves will be lost for good. We have reached that point after over thirty years of warning of approaching ecological system tipping points.

The good news is that the conversation has changed and science and truth are finally winning out. The bought political enclaves of denial in the US, Canada and Australia look more incapable and more destructive every day and their voices grow fainter. They are prepared to launch one last fight to defund the EPA, attempt to ease regulations on fossil fuels, and give generous tax payer gifts to some of the wealthiest private corporations the world has ever known….But the tide has turned. The 400,000 in NYC this September was just the beginning. Wait to see what this year has in store.

This great 2 minute film with Julia Roberts narrating, was produced by Conservation International and is just one of the many calls to a year of action in 2015.


Google Hangout Series Feature: 32ATPs

32ATPs is a new business that we, at ReVenture, are very excited about. They are lead by Dr. Carol Lynn George and Dr. Shelley Minteer. These two dynamic scientists are moving ever closer to answering our insatiable need for energy to power our electronic devices, through the use of biological energy storage. What better way to explain the concept than to let them do it in their own words, directly from their site.

The batteries in our handheld devices often end up as toxic waste in our landfills. 32ATPs has a plan to lessen the environmental impact of energy production and storage for use in our electronic devices, while at the same time increasing the battery life of our handheld devices: by harnessing the power of natural cellular energy production. The goal of 32ATPs is to perform basic research on biological energy production and storage, and then commercialize those solutions.

Who hasn’t had a phone that has run out of battery just at a critical time when you need GPS or to call home? Traditional batteries under-perform in today’s smart devices and are the primary limitation for future development of new features.
In addition, electrical waste not only contains hazardous, but also valuable and scarce materials. An estimated 50MM tons of E-waste are produced each year, and each one of those devices may contain a battery.

It is imperative and incumbent on us as a society to reduce our waste from consumer electronic devices.

Consumer electronic products (like cell phones) are becoming increasingly thinner, more power-hungry, multifunctional and capable of more efficient energy use. The United States is the world leader in producing electronic waste. The continued research and development of greener, cheaper, lighter, more efficient energy storage is required to power our “handheld” devices and to reduce environmental impact. Recent discoveries have shown that we can harness cellular energy production in batteries. Using natural, cellular biochemical reactions to generate electrochemical potential promises to reduce the cost of production and size of batteries as well as reduce the use of toxic metal and chemical components and lessen our impact on the environment!

It almost seems too futuristic to be believable doesn’t it? Well that is exactly the kind of technology that ReVenture looks to promote and that ReVenture Investments looks to back. Right now they are in the midst of a Crowd Funding campaign at and they need the passion and vision of many investors to push them towards the next phase of their R&D. Please take the time to check them out at and help get them closer to that goal.

Early next month, on September 10th, Carol and 32ATPs will be one of five exciting new companies that we will feature in the next of our Google Hangout Series. Please join us at 8pm through the ReVenture Media Google+ page. It will be a night of fascinating panel discussion and you will have the opportunity to ask questions of Carol and the other business leaders live.

See you all on the 10th and don’t forget to support 32ATPs……



The Checkered Flag!

The on again off again nature of the last year brought periods of great excitement and promise coupled with dark days and frustrations. ReVenture was born out of a spirit to go for and achieve great things both in growing the renewable energy economy and expanding sustainability awareness while combating Climate Change. There have been many people that have said to us that we were trying to do too much out of the gate and that we should look to smaller projects and more modest growth. While ReVenture Services has worked to build a customer base with many medium sized companies for LED retrofits, The ReVenture companies, as a whole, have kept their eyes on the major projects that have been in the works for Springfield and Western, Massachusetts for almost two years now. The idea being that these problems that we are all facing, both Globally and on a local level, need to be taken on and resolved boldly. We felt, and still do, that it will be the bold companies that are willing to push the envelope that will play the greatest roles in bringing about the change that must happen for future generations to enjoy the environment we all have today.

This coming Thursday we will be part of a series of announcements at a press conference in Springfield, MA with Mayor Domenic Sarno laying the foundation for an aggressive sustainability plan for the City. ReVenture will have a significant role in this plan. ReVenture Services will be working on LED projects with the City, the Basketball Hall of Fame and many others that we will be able to announce in our first major press release on August 25th. ReVenture Consulting will be entering into a relationship with MGM Springfield and a number of other corporate clients and will work tirelessly to help them achieve top LEED standards for commercial buildings throughout the city. And last but certainly not least, ReVenture Investments will begin planning,  procurement of funding and designing the Affordable NetZero homes and residential clusters that we look to build throughout the neighborhoods ravaged by the 2011 tornado.

These are ambitious goals for a young company, but the people, partnerships, corporate allies and resources that we have gained and gathered over the last few years allow us this opportunity. I want to thank everyone who has supported, stuck by and believed in ReVenture and myself over these last few years. Now we plan on repaying you for that belief. See you all on Thursday.

Joshua May