Joshua MayAfter being involved in the renewable energy sector for ten years, ReVenture Companies founder Joshua May has never been more excited about the present, or the future. He has embarked on a journey that has been challenging, yet also rewarding. A journey that he has been working towards for most of his life.

How it began

Growing up in Boston, Massachusetts, Josh always had an interest in the environment. As a young boy, he spent every summer alternating between family trips to Martha’s Vineyard, and deep into the woods of northern New England. Hailing from a large, politically active Irish-American family, he also had an opportunity to observe the trials and tribulations of the inner workings of city and state government. Josh grew up watching his grandfathers involvement in local politics, and knew that when he became an adult, he wanted to fight for the rights of others. He graduated from high school in 1989, and soon after decided that serving the United States was his next step.

josh1Josh served in the Army and Army National Guard for 9 years.  During this time, he became acutely aware of the effect that humanity and industry was having on the environment. When asked about his time in the service, Josh explains, “I was able to observe, firsthand, the massive destruction of the planet by both first and third world countries, and realized that I wanted to spend the rest of my life combating that.” It wasn’t until 2005 that Josh found the first stepping stone in achieving this goal, and forged a path for himself in an industry that was still being treated as more of a punch-line to a joke on a late night show, rather than a viable and serious movement for the future.

Green Technologies

 In 2005 it was evident that, in order to bring solar energy to the residential masses, it needed to be affordable. In order to manufacture their own energy using rooftop solar panels, the typical home-owner would oftentimes be faced with a price tag topping $30,000. This discouraged the vast majority of people, who were so anxious to save money and reduce their effect on the environment. The cost far outweighed the savings, so the market was primed and ready for what came next – solar leasing.

arton425Josh was a part of helping to launch  and expand a new company – Citizenre. Citizenre was the first company to offer affordable, no-up-front-cost residential solar leasing, and the idea was embraced from coast to coast. Over the next few years, thousands of home-owners were finally able to afford to “go green”, creating their own electricity to feed back into the electrical grid. Several other entrepreneurs saw the potential in this business model, and from Citizenre the solar leasing phenomenon was born.

In 2010, Joshua turned his sights again to emerging technologies in the green energy sector. He worked in business development introducing government agencies, fortune 500 companies, and top-level sports organizations to electric car charging stations. The business concept was sound, and there was value in the product, but with the still small number of electric cars on the road, Josh felt that he could have a greater impact elsewhere. Affordable technology that could bring savings and real value to every day consumers.

Renewable Ventures

photo In mid-2013, Josh teamed up with Kelly Petre, a regional VP at Energy Saving Solutions, to form ReVenture. Together they developed a business model that included three separate businesses under the umbrella of The ReVenture Companies. The goal was to provide a wide array of services, consulting and investment opportunities. That way, they could utilize their strategic partnerships with renewable energy companies in a way that formed a complete package for small and large businesses alike. across New England. ReVenture has since partnered with a number of lighting distributors and Solar City to offer LED retrofits and solar energy for both commercial and residential customers.

ReVenture has expanded to include a deal with Powur and Solar City that will greatly expand their ability to offer their residential customers affordable solar, while opening the door to energy starage capability for their customers in the coming months. In addition, Kate Harmer joined ReVenture Consulting as a LEED certified consultant, with two additional LEED certified consultants expected to join the team in the summer of 2015.


USGBC-LEED-300x300Josh holds a Bachelors degree in Political Science & International Relations from the University of Massachusetts-Boston. Currently, he is pursuing LEED certification through the MIT Extension, and is participating in the LEED Professional Project Experience Program through Green Step. By the end of 2015, Josh will be certified in LEED AP O+M and LEED AP BD+C, and will begin work towards the BEAP and CEM designations. He is currently a member of the Massachusetts chapter of the USGBC and is participating in intensive courses that cover Climate Change Science & Negotiation and Sustainability.

Community Activism

Josh is active with several different organizations that focus on climate change and legislation. 350.org, an activist organization that focuses on the policy side of climate change, is one that he is passionate about. He was  involved in promoting and organizing Climate events and issues in the Boston area. On September 21, 2014, The Peoples Climate March marked a historic shift in the trajectory of the discussion of climate. Josh attended and spoke at a plenary over the Climate March weekend.climatemarchWhen asked about this massive event, Josh had this to say: “This Climate March brought together community organizations, faith groups, business leaders, labor unions, students, mothers, peace activists, artists, celebrities, younger people, older people, and so many more who normally do not find themselves aligned on common issues. Together they made up the largest, most diverse, and most powerful coalition ever to come together on the issue of climate.”

leadership-corps-190x240Another organization near and dear to his heart is The Climate Reality Project. After having to skip  traveling to Rio de Janero, Brazil this past November to attend The Climate Reality Conference because of responsibilities with ReVenture, he will train for several days this May in Cedar Rapids, Iowa to become a Climate Reality Ambassador. During this conference, he will attend seminars and classes, learning how to further discuss the latest science and developments having to do with climate change with a broad range of individuals. Upon returning home, Josh will continue to book speaking engagements with businesses, schools, and environmental organizations bringing awareness, building excitement and encouraging participation in Climate Change mitigation projects worldwide.

If you would like to contact Josh, he can be reached at Jmay@reventureconsulting.com, as well as on LinkedIn. You can also follow him on Twitter @reventuretweet.


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