The “Nature is Speaking” Campaign

In 2015 we venture into the most important year for the Earth’s Climate and the ability for humanity to thrive on this planet in the future. Throughout the year there are Government, NGO, Corporate and Activist meetings and events leading up to COP21 in Paris December 2015. There the international treaty to save what has been handed to us as stewards will be formed or very likely our opportunity to save us from ourselves will be lost for good. We have reached that point after over thirty years of warning of approaching ecological system tipping points.

The good news is that the conversation has changed and science and truth are finally winning out. The bought political enclaves of denial in the US, Canada and Australia look more incapable and more destructive every day and their voices grow fainter. They are prepared to launch one last fight to defund the EPA, attempt to ease regulations on fossil fuels, and give generous tax payer gifts to some of the wealthiest private corporations the world has ever known….But the tide has turned. The 400,000 in NYC this September was just the beginning. Wait to see what this year has in store.

This great 2 minute film with Julia Roberts narrating, was produced by Conservation International and is just one of the many calls to a year of action in 2015.