Reventure Media continues the bi-weekly Google Hangout Series

On July 23rd at 8pm EST, ReVenture Media will present the next in the Google Hangout Series centered on science, health, the environment and climate change. The topic for this 90 minute presentation and discussion will be the state of the climate movement. There will be nine scientist and activist panelists from around the Globe. The focus will center on current successes and achievements and what will be going on between now and the Climate March/ U.N. Climate talks taking place in New York City this September.

Future Hangouts include an exciting night on August 6th with a few big names in Climate Policy, and then on August 20th we will have a two hour special that will shine the spotlight on some promising start-up companies in the Green technology sector. You can get updates and watch the broadcasts live at

You will want to set up a personal Google+ page if you do not have one already, and add ReVenture Media to your circles.

Google Hangouts are an amazing way to present information and have live discussions. Many marketers and businesses are choosing to go with Hangouts over the traditional voice or video blog, as it allows far more interaction with your audience, is broadcast live and is recorded. We look forward to seeing you on the 23rd!



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