Minor Eclipse…..

This past Friday we learned that our entire Renewable Energy & Sustainability department was being cut from our largest client’s business plan. An entire year of planning, sacrifice, thousands of hours of work, forged partnerships and contracted business arrangements totaling in the millions, gone in an afternoon.

Now most of you that read our pages and blogs are either entrepreneurs or have an entrepreneurial streak and so I am sharing this with you. Friday and even into Saturday I sat around with the wind knocked out of me and even allowed some self wallowing to occur. Then something changed. Emails, texts and phone calls started coming in with words of encouragement and opportunity. Public officials who we have been working with, on the phone asking us to keep ReVenture in Springfield, partners wanting to work with us on our next project, and new potential partners and clients reaching out. Suddenly it seems there may be a better fit for us and one where we are able to have an even greater opportunity to grow and shape projects in the way we determine to be the most beneficial.

The bottom line is this. I have ultimately failed at each and every business venture that I have launched. From Schooljam to the Captain Dexter Houses on the Vineyard to Citizenre and the other minor projects in between. In the end, our risk, our effort and our sacrifice was not rewarded. But with each of those failures came lessons learned, new friendships and future partnerships formed. Be sure to conduct yourself and your business with integrity while always showing an ability to adapt and learn, and people will want to help you reach the heights that you continuously strive for.

Sitting here on Monday morning ReVenture looks better off and heading in a healthier direction than when the sudden bad news came down on Friday. ReVenture Services has a litany of new clients and partners for LED and Solar projects, ReVenture Consulting is adding partners and is being sought out for services by clients before it is even fully operational, and ReVenture Investments has new friends, Investors and eager partners for it’s mission to build NetZero affordable housing in New England and eventually across the country.

Be persistent, believe in yourself and don’t ever let the voices telling you that you can’t do it force you to let go of your dream. You and your dreams are too important to the world and the future to allow them to die on the vine of negativity! My rant is over and if you read this all the way to the end, have a GREAT day and go work on your passion!!




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