Commercial Real Estate Going Green

This is the exact reason that NAI has brought in ReVenture! Sustainability and Renewable Energy are the new differentials in the commercial real estate sector and the more that this industry wakes up to this reality, the more pressure they will bring to bear on our congress to wake up to all the positives of supporting the new energy economy.

Electric Car Expert, Guru - Green Living Guy

In tight economic times, real estate developers focus on any competitive advantage they can develop to make their project more attractive to prospective tenants. For many years, that mean simply being lower on rent or including better aesthetic features, but at the intersection of the green movement and a tough economy, features like light-blocking blinds and water saving toilets are leading the pack of pragmatic amenities.

Just as daily or weekly occupants are favoring lodging with an environmental edge, longer-term users

Source: Ford Motor Company Source: Ford Motor Company

of commercial or residential space want to see an ecological angle being played by their landlords. And it’s extending far beyond token developments like programmable thermostats and branching into heavier conservation measures meant to reduce consumption of water, energy, and space. Today’s most green-friendly developers are working on all three fronts.

On The Water Front

Water consumption is a huge expense for most businesses…

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