Its Go Time!

The constant growth and change within the renewable energy and sustainability industry is understandably dizzying due to the rate of R&D expenditures and advances that are taking place across the field. As I sit here about to begin the MIT program, the number of changes made to the courses and content in just the last three months is simply amazing. I am now about to embark on one of the most hectic and difficult professional and educational periods of my life. One that will include a seemingly endless path of pre-certification project experience requirements, study sources and guides, practice exams and then finally, the actual testing and certification process. All the while we will be working to significantly reduce NAI/Plotkin’s energy use and costs, complete projects with the City of Springfield, and launch ReVenture Investments. It is certainly looking like the continuation of the single life for me! There will be much more to share about my precertification process this month and the MIT course as well, as I delve even deeper into the chaos!

In the meantime, next week is very big from a publicity perspective. Tuesday night is my talk in front of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, Wednesday we submit our piece to the Springfield Republican, and the following Monday we send out the press releases for ReVenture Services and Reventure Consulting!

Since I like to find the silver lining in any situation, I will try this on for motivation. When all is said and done a year and a half from now this is how my name will read on my business card:


Headache inducing, right??

You will all be happy to know that next week we will begin submitting a weekly review post on the latest technologies in the areas of Sustainability, Green tech and Green building. It has been suggested to me that adding informative quality content rather than just talking about the Joshua May and ReVenture show, just might increase the blog following! The nerve of some people!!!



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